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Sunday, March 14, 2010

waiting for the Eclipse

ok! i admit that i'm not a fan of the Twilight Saga! God knows how i used to hate the fuss during the release of the first movie. it was crazy! and everyone i know on the net keep talking about it! how crazy is that? 0_0 the first movie was kinda boring and don't say that i didn't understand! i knew that there'll be New Moon coming up! and of course the rest of them will come to theaters too! it's just soo tiring everytime you see others rave for it! yeah, it's their right but please, oh please! spare me from the exaggeration! 0_0

but... but... but when mom gave me this last December:

i was dumbfounded! and at last, i got excited!!! (but i'd still refuse to rave so much about it! sorry... ^_^) i finished all the books in 2 weeks! (that long?) yeah, it took me that long because i have other things to do, you know! after reading them, i knew that Eclipse is more exciting than the first 2 books. i just can't wait to see how's it gonna be like especially the effects!

oh, well... we'll see on 06/30/10. :)

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