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Friday, January 8, 2010

too many things...

since the last post that i wrote, i wasn't able to function so well with anything. a lot of distractions and thinking... haha! two opposing things, i guess... they're bothering me. and it is working! for a few days now, i can't believe that i'm dysfunctional like our toilet flush. can you believe that?! ugh!

blame it on Edward Cullen! he's calling me and ordering me to finish the story! i just couldn't resist that book. i almost want to blame mom why she had given me hardbound copies of the famous saga! and yes! there's my mom... she arrived before the year ended. said she's really missing the gremlins here... hmmm.. mom is so sweet!

and one of the distraction (and demands a lot of thinking) is the online shop plan. i and my friend have to leave tomorrow to get the materials we need. so we could start right away. aaaahck! i'm feeling dizzy! too many things to do!

aaah! i'm sorry... so lame of me to say these things to all of you... pardon me. i just want to breathe... thank you for your time. ~wink! wink!~

i'll see you later... muah!

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Deanna said...

Following your blog from MBC follow me club, hope you can visit my blog too!

Madame K said...

Wooot!! Online shop? Can i have a discount? ahihihi. =)

i_wander said...

@ deanna

i sure will! thanks for following!

i_wander said...

@ K
discount? no problem, dearest!

Wilmaryad O'Scallas said...

My dear lady, close your eyes, take in a deep breath, hold it there, then exhale gradually until no oxygen bubble is left in your lungs.

Better? :)

It is all right to blow off some steam on one's blog because what are we, readers, for if not for supporting and cheering you up? :)

I am confident you will sort everything out to perfection. Just empty your head, prioritize, then write down your priorities and cross them out, one by one, as you complete each.

The best of luck for all your endeavors. :)

i_wander said...

thanks dear! i would be needing much of that! (luck, i mean...)

"BUTTERY"fly said...

Sis, Another Blog award -- go! :-)