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Saturday, March 20, 2010


i'm okay and i'm not feeling bad anymore... thanks to some good friends of mine for comforting me. :) and thanks to my son who have just received 6 awards last Thursday! ^_^ i don't have much photos to share because i wasn't able to bring my cam with me and besides, the school officials won't allow it. they have their own official photographers and that'll make my cam useless and my purse heavy, which i hate if it'll happen... it was a very looong event and while i was there, i grumbled quietly about my aching feet. and that night, i wasn't able to sleep well due to pain. that's ouch multiplied by 10!!!

~cell phone shot~
2 bronze, 3 silver and one gold. after a whole school year of hard work, those medals were his reward. (those aren't academic awards, btw) he earned them either from sports competition or from speech chorale or dance competition. how ironic! he is a cultural scholar in their school because of his participation in their singing group. but this year, he refused to join any competition related to singing except for that WCOPA one. he said he can't sing like he used to, he can't hit the notes like he used to and he's not as confident like he used to. hmmm... that's him. 0_0 i don't know anymore what kind of motivation he needs but i'm hoping that my encouragements are well enough to keep him going. BUT it isn't bad, after all. 6 medals from different fields. 6 hard earned medals. they made him want to work harder next year to get some more!

~the culprit~

i was so proud of his achievements. i was thrilled that i had to go up the stage with him despite the aching feet and a bad pair of shoes. i'm proud that i am his mother. someday, he will remember (and most probably laugh) how i struggled to find something decent to wear for that night.
he sang too, with the rest of the Quartet, and approached me and handed something. it's a certificate of appreciation for the parents of the awardees present that night. it made my eyes teary but i held them back. i can't cry. na-ah! it'll ruin my makeup! lol!

"in everything, always give thanks."

and i do... :) ~HUGZ!~

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Anonymous said...

I am a new follower visiting from FFF @ MBC

Juliana said...

Awww! This was such a touching post!

I am following you from MBC with FFF. I hope that you will come back and follow back. Have a great week!

i_wander said...

thanks! thank you so much! :)

Keith said...

Hiya, found your blog through Entrecard, just so you know your entrecard still links to your old site, can be changed from the entrecard control panel I think :)
You prolly already know this thou ^^

i_wander said...

oh! thank you! i thought i already changed that link. my my my! thanks for telling me that... :)

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

P.P.S. Congrats on being mother of the year, babes! :-)

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Aww, he feels he can't hit notes like he used to. Such a perfectionist! That champion of yours will go places, take my word for it. Please, congratulate him on the awards for me. :-)

I am sure he appreciates the effort and support of his momma and always will. Kudos to you for making sure he knows you're there for and with him. :-)

P.S. Chic shoes, as usual. ;-)

i_wander said...

@ wilmy
i'll sure tell him that! haha! he's a little scared to get off key and quite not-so confident and his notes/voice kida dropped since he started with this group. but he's a charmer while on stage. :) he's my mini-male-me!

about the support, well... we sometimes argue with small things... he's growing up fast and i can't really control him like i used to when he was little. i guess that's one common problem of most moms. :) and it's saddening at times... because it reminds me that i'm aging so fast too!!!

honey, you missed something... Stage Mother of the Year! :)

btw, the shoes are my mother's and it is from payless! ;)

HUGZx10k! :)

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

It's good that he can, at this age, tell if his abilities are improving, stagnating or deteriorating. He'll make you proud one day. :D

I know what you were awarded for, hun. But, to me, to us, you are momma of the year. :-) Plus, you're not aging fast. So, quit lying to yourself or to me about that. :p Hugs

i_wander said...

aaaaw... i tried so hard to make him realize what his own dreams are not mine. and support him all throughout... but i really hope that he'd make a good choice. :)

you think so? i feel old lately... :( maybe it's our passport issues that's making me feel this way. trying to secure one is making me really stressed and angry!!! grrr! i'll blog about this one day! i swear! '_'

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Just be there by his side and he'll be fine, whatever he decides to do with his life :)

Hun, you're not old. Trust me :-)

Allena said...

Congratulations for raising an intelligent and great boy! Keep up the good work!

God bless!!!

Mariko Jessica said...

Wow.. congrats to him and to you as well :)

Cedngasngu said...


bloghopping.. nc blog, i lyk it ^^

i_wander said...

@ allena

thank you for the visit! :) God bless you too, sweet! :)

i_wander said...

@ emjay

thanks my dear! :)